A Master Geppetto in Camonica Valley


BOLIS CLAUDIO – wood shavings – wood carver and turner

Via S. Martino, 70 - 25047 Erbanno (BS)
Every day. 24 hrs notice
1,5 hrs
Min 4 - Max 8
€ 15 per person

The art of giving life to a piece of wood

The experience

“The future is artisanal, no longer industrial”, explains Claudio, who has been an artisan since the age of 13 and learned his skill from his father and grandfather. His workshop looks like it’s coming from the past. His sculptures are the incredible result of his fertile ability and creativity. Claudio and his lathe breathe in unison: they understand each other and are able to create an object in a matter of minutes. It can be kitchen utensils, toys, table legs, hangers, and small jewelry. Just ask and observe: Claudio’s hands create and the piece of wood comes to life.
We, wood-carving trainees, will help him in his daily job. We will study his moves, listen to his story, explore and smell every corner of his workshop. We will build tops, bowls, wine bottles, baby bottles, rolling pins, and even baseball bats! While chatting with us, Claudio will find the aspect in our personality that will inspire him to choose a specific project.
Cutter, shave, lathe, a pyrography machine, and many wood shavings dancing all around.

Aimed at

Aspiring Master Geppetto adults. Those who carve wood as a hobby and firm environmentalists. Anyone who would like to find out what a piece of wood can hide.

What to bring

24 h notice

What you bring home

Claudio’s prowess, his love for his profession, and his desire to share.
The object created by Claudio’s inspiration. Geppetto’s wood shavings

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