Valbione, upper Valley Camonica

Valbione is a very well-known and popular area of upper Valle Camonica. It can be reached on foot or by bike, and also by car and by ski lift. The well-maintained cabins
 n the lower part of Valle Acqua Seria represent the intermediate stage for the more well-trained bikers who reach higher altitudes like Rifugio Corno d’Aola and Roccolo Ventura huts. Starting from the departure of the Valbione chair lift in Ponte di Legno, you reach Valbione after about four kilometres on a pleasant old military road in the forest, on constant slope which covers a difference in height of less than three hundred metres. Those who have limited training can stop here in the areas equipped with benches and tables near the artificial lake, while the more prepared can continue along a gratifying and panoramic route marked as route number 8 “Cerf” by Pontedilegno-Tonale.

From Valbione, cross the ski slopes and then go south on the steep road to Santa Giulia; after a long series of hairpin turns, you reach and cross another trail. After a short distance, turn right onto the forest road which leads to Maralsina and Casola, with very open view on the crown of mountains which mark the right side of upper Valle Camonica. You then reach Roccolo Ventura, a restaurant in a panoramic position; after turning left at the first intersection you pass some cabins and then turn right. You go downhill on steep slopes. When you reach the road for Temù, turn left on another downhill stretch and then right for the village of Petenec. The descent continues on the right side of Val d’Avio heading north towards the road which connects Temù to Ponte di Legno. When entering the asphalt road for Valbione, turn left to return to the starting point.


Point of departure and arrival: Ponte di Legno, altitude 1259 m

Length: 14 km

Difference in height: 650 m

Type of bicycle required: mountain bike

Difficulty: MEDIUM