Valle di Saviore, the gate to Adamello

One of the most popular routes which lead to the great Adamello glacier starts from Rifugio Prudenzini hut in Val Salarno. The lower part of this splendid valley can be discovered also by mountain bike, along a trail which has the hut itself as its final destination. This is a challenging route because of the difference in height and the type of road, with uneven sections and steep slopes. To approach the starting point, drive

up Valle di Saviore. You can choose to drive from the bottom of Valle Camonica taking the provincial road in Demo and pass through the villages of Berzo and Monte, or leave from Cedegolo and pass by Andrista and Fresine. Both options take you to the village of Cevo where you park in the centre of the village. Then, you start pedalling in the direction of Saviore. The road runs in the upper portion of the village; after you leave the village, continue on the road following the signs for Val Salarno. The narrow ribbon of asphalt continues into the wood, offering a good level of shading and a beautiful view of the valley below. The road ends in Fabrezza; near the parking lot you will find an information board and signs for hiking trails. Follow the sign for Rifugio Prudenzini, which leads to a fairly wide mule-track paved with stones and cement, whose change in incline immediately forces you to change gear. After winding along the bubbly waters of Poia di Salarno stream, you reach the fork for Lago (lake) di Bos, followed by the peaty area near Malga Macesso di Sotto cowshed. After this, you find difficult hairpin

turns which bring you to a higher altitude by Lago Salarno dam, surrounded by numerous peaks. You pass near Lago Dosazzo and continue to pedal towards the head of the valley. This last stretch is on a trail. From Rifugio Prudenzini hut, Val Salarno can be admired in all its beauty, while Piano di Neve glacier above greets the bikers.


Point of departure: Cevo, altitude 1060m

Point of arrival: Rifugio Prudenzini hut, altitude 2235m

Length: 15 km

Difference in height: 1175m

Type of bicycle required: mountain bike

Difficulty: MEDIUM