Vittoriale degli Italiani

Vittoriale degli Italiani


Via Vittoriale 12 - Gardone Riviera

Vittoriale degli Italiani

Poet Gabriele D’Annunzio’s house-museum, Vittoriale degli Italiani, overlooks Lake Garda and is one of the most fascinating examples of ‘Artist’s Home’.

Visitors are astonished by the variety and originality of the thousands of objects present in ‘Prioria’, the name he gave to his house. It is equally surprising to discover the bow of a cruiser (Puglia ship) nestled in the promontory among the greenery. The discovery continues with MAS 96, the anti-submarine motorboat used for the ‘Bakar mockery’ (a military raid that D’Annunzio led in the Croatian Bay of Bakar), the cars of the poet, and the Sva plane used in 1918 for his propaganda flight over Vienna.

It is also interesting to visit D’Annunzio-the Hero Museum, where objects narrating his military career are displayed. He participated in many heroic actions during World War I and the Occupation of Rijeka (Fiume).

The new museum ‘Secret D’Annunzio’ contains 150 precious and common use objects that he used throughout his life, and contemporary artwork inspired by the poet.

Vittoriale is an absolutely fascinating place, one of the most visited museums in Italy, and a not-to-miss stop for everyone vacationing on Lake Garda.


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