Where to bathe in Lake Iseo

A truly hidden gem Lake Iseo has become known to the international public thanks to “The Floating Piers” artistic installation in 2016 and the third place obtained by Monte Isola in 2019 as Best European Destination.

This destination is very attractive to tourists also because of the wealth of local food&wine products and the many fun summer activities available.

Monteisola e il Lago d'Iseo

Indeed, it is in the summer that this lake – which has retained a bit of a wild character – is at its best: find the best beaches of Lake Iseo where you can bathe in regenerating waters surrounded by incredible colours and views.

Bathe on Lake Iseo: Pisogne and Vello di Marone

Leaving Camonica Valley, Pisogne is the first town in the province of Brescia on the lake shore. Its old centre is a treasure trove of beauties and venue of many events all summer long, the most important being the Exhibition Market in August. Pisogne also has a very popular beach: lido Goia.

In bici sulla ciclopedonale Vello-Toline

Located along the lake by the train station, this beach has all a tourist might wish: sand beach, large garden with trees, beach volley court, bar, area equipped with tables and benches, beach chair rental. The paid admission includes use of the swimming pool. Small-size dogs are allowed.

To find the next beach, take the road towards Brescia and turn into the old Vello – Toline coastal road,, today a walk and bike path. Along the road, there are several small free beaches, located in a strategic position overlooking the lake, ideal for a relaxing afternoon or a short break between one pedal strike and the next.

If you prefer an equipped beach with a food stand, beach chair rental, and bike rental, Baia del Sol in Vello is the place for you: a beautiful, well-maintained grassy area with direct access to the lake and a diving platform. Free entrance, paid parking.

Marone, Sale Masino, and Sulzano beaches

The queen of free beaches in Marone is Piccola Tahiti, accessible on foot from the Municipal Library park. The name says it all: beautiful scenery surrounded by the peaceful sound of the lake waters. It is not suitable for children due to the depth of the water. Another beloved beach in Marone is La Spiaggetta (Via Cristini), served by a bar, lavatories, and canoe rental.

Lago d'Iseo d'estate

Perla Sebina beach dominates the summer of Sale Marasino. Located along Via Provinciale Mazzucchelli, the beach is free and equipped with a bar, lavatories, showers, changing rooms, beach volley court, beach chair and umbrella rental, and a shaded area with trees. Dogs are not allowed.

Sulzano is not second to any other place when it comes to abundance of beaches. Torrente Mesagolo beach, near the town limit with Sale Marasino, is a beautiful free-access lake front area. By the Town Hall there is Riviera degli Ulivi municipal beach, covered in pebbles and grass and equipped with bar, public lavatories, and showers. Be mindful of the coast which suddenly drops just a few metres away from the shore line.

Swimming is recommended only to expert swimmers. Giardino Marilago is a paid entrance beach and is in a beautiful panoramic location. It has a summer swimming pool, restaurant, and bar (for information www.marilago.it). Continuing towards Iseo, before the rail tracks by the former “Palafitte” (pile dwellings) area, lies Torrente Mesagolo beach.

Bathing in Monte Isola

We are finally in the heart of Lake Iseo. Monte Isola, a one-of-a-kind mountain with beautiful landscapes and delicious food.

Vista su Monte Isola, l'isola lacustre del lago d'Iseo

One of the most popular beaches is Le Ere in Peschiera Maraglio. It’s the place to be for young locals who enjoy the large grassy area, shaded tables, and direct access to the lake through a ladder. Surrounded by olive groves which produce the famous local extra-virgin olive oil, you will have a wonderful view of Lake Iseo and San Paolo islet while having fun with friends. The beach is a short walk away from the ferry docking platform.

All the beaches in Monte Isola:

  • Prato delle Ere – Peschiera Maraglio
  • Spiaggia loc. Serf – Sensole
  • Spiaggia loc. Spì – Menzino
  • Spiaggia loc. Punta – Siviano Porto

Diving in Pilzone and Iseo

We approach Iseo, the “capital” of the lake, stopping first in the hamlet of Pilzone. In Via Giovanni XXIII, close to numerous campsites, there is a free beach, a perfect place to enjoy the soothing lake breeze and play with your furry friend.

Panorama sul lago d'Iseo

In Iseo, several beaches welcome you for a relaxing time between sun and water. Here is the complete list.

Free Iseo beaches

La Spiaggetta
via per Rovato 14, loc. Pianoni
tel. +39 351 588 7043
Grass, bar, beach chair rental, showers

Paid Iseo beaches

Centro Turistico Sassabanek
Via Colombera 2
tel. +39 030 980603, www.sassabanek.it
Swimming pool, lake front beach, green area, sports activities

Lido Belvedere
Via Colombera 15
tel. +39 030 980970, www.lidobelvedereiseo.it
Swimming pool, lake front beach, green area, sports activities, pet friendly

Lido Belvedere (Clusane)
Via Risorgimento 132/134, frazione Clusane
tel +39 030 9898030, www.belvedereclusane.it
Swimming pool, on the lake

Origami Live (Clusane)
Via Risorgimento 136, frazione Clusane
tel. +39 339 5321080, www.origami-live.it
Summer pool, restaurant and bar on the lake

Piscine del Ghiottone (Clusane)
Via Risorgimento, frazione Clusane
tel. +39 030 989216
Summer pool, restaurant and bar

Paratico and Sarnico, from nightlife to beach relaxation

At the limit with the province of Bergamo, the town of Paratico has recently implemented significant redevelopment projects which have made it more attractive and charming to European tourists. The two main summer spots are Lungolago Le Chiatte and Piattaforma a lago in Tegattini.

We end by entering the province of Bergamo, because we cannot forget the nice beaches of Sarnico. Lido Cadè, Lido Fontanì, Lido Fosio, Lido Nettuno (paid admission): there are countless opportunities for fun and relaxation just steps from the water, surrounded by the magical atmosphere of this area which will surely enchant you.