Getting around Brescia by taxi

Brescia’s taxi service is managed by Radio Taxi Brixia (, tel. +39 030 35 111, 24/7).

How to call a taxi in Brescia

As you exit the train station, head towards the taxi standing area. If you are in other parts of the city, you can call the number indicated above or wave at the first taxi you see. It is also possible to call a taxi through the smartphone app itTaxi, downloadable for free on Android and iPhone (no increase in taxi fares).

Taxi standing areas in Brescia

  • Stazione standing area: just outside of the train station. Centre-south side of the city;
  • Ospedale standing area: in the square by the main entrance to Spedali Civili hospital;
  • Ospedale Satellite standing area: by the entrance to the Accident & Emergency Service in Via Valsabbina;
  • Venezia standing area: in Largo Torrelunga by Piazzale Arnaldo. East side of the city.
  • Cefalonia standing area: in Brescia 2 business district. In Via Cefalonia 70, entrance to “Cristal Palace”. South side of the city;
  • Veneto standing area: in Via Veneto opposite street number 69. North-west side of the city.
  • X (Dieci) Giornate standing area: in the old centre, at the X Giornate / Corso Zanardelli street corner;
  • Dalmazia standing area: in Via Dalmazia opposite Mediaworld. South-west side of the city.
  • San Faustino standing area: in the old centre, in Via S. Faustino opposite street number 12, behind Loggia palace;
  • Sant’Anna standing area: Via Bazoli, opposite San Filippo Sports Facility. North-west side of the city.
  • Milano standing area: in Via Milano, by the entrance to Vantiniano Cemetery. West side of the city;
  • Tribunale standing area: in Via Lattanzio Gambara in front of the entrance to the new Courthouse. Centre-south side of the city;
  • Poliambulanza standing area: in Via Bissolati 57 in front of the main entrance to Poliambulanza hospital. South-east side of the city;
  • Sant’Eufemia standing area: in Via Parrocchia at the beginning of Sant’Eufemia district near Mille Miglia Museum.