How to get to Brescia by bus

Brescia and the main tourist attractions in its province can be reached by bus from Italy and Europe. Brescia’s bus station is near the train station (Via Solferino 6).

How to get to Brescia by bus from Italy

How to get to Brescia by bus from Europe

For bus connections to the main airports, please visit the page “How to get to Brescia by plane”.

Getting around the province by bus

Brescia is connected to its province and its most important tourist attractions through an effective network of regional buses. These are the main bus companies operating in the area:

  • SAIA / SIA: buses from / to Camonica Valley, Trompia Valley, Sabbia Valley, Lake Garda, Cremona, and Brescia’s plain in the south;
  • APAM: buses from / to Mantua via Montichiari;
  • FNMA: buses from / to Franciacorta, Lake Iseo, and Camonica Valley.

For info and timetable, visit, tel. +39 030 2889911, toll-free number 840620001.