Towns around Brescia to visit in the winter

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” wrote John Steinbeck. The charming towns of the province of Brescia have always been characterized by this alternation of seasonal beauty. A never-ending enchantment for you to enjoy.

Must-see Brescian towns in the winter

1) Monte Isola, the pearl of Lake Iseo

A suspended atmosphere for one of Italy’s Most Beautiful Small Towns, where ancient fishing villages and lush nature create fairy-tale landscapes. Far from automobile traffic, Monte Isola is a magical place which deserves to be fully admired.

Panorama su Monte Isola al tramonto

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2) Bienno

Another medieval jewel included in the circuit of Italy’s Most Beautiful Small Towns, the historic centre of Bienno winds through picturesque alleys, ancient palaces, and richly frescoed churches.

Bienno - Valle Camonica

The village, in the heart of Camonica Valley, is famous for its interesting traditional arts and crafts.

3) Ponte di Legno

Continuing along Camonica Valley in the direction of Passo del Tonale, Ponte di Legno awaits you silently amidst exciting light shows and snowy panoramas.

Ponte di Legno innevataYou can’t miss a walk through the town centre where Oglio River originates from the Narcanello and Frigidolfo streams.

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4) Iseo

The “capital” of Lake Iseo is a treasure chest of unexpected beauties. From the placid alleys of the historic centre to the small squares at the heart of city life and shopping, from the floating docks to the pedestrian paths along the lakefront, there are many nuances to discover for an unforgettable selfie.

Iseo, Piazza Garibaldi a Natale

5) Clusane al lago

A hamlet of Iseo, Clusane is an ideal location for a relaxing stroll enveloped by the lake breeze. Near the pier you can admire the fascinating silhouette of the mountains on the horizon and the Carmagnola Castle on the promontory.

Clusane sul lago d'Iseo al tramonto

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6) Gardone Riviera

Let’s now travel to Gardone Riviera, on Lake Garda. The town is listed among the Most Beautiful Small Towns in Italy and was awarded the Orange Flag title by the Italian Touring Club.

Officina, interno al Vittoriale degli Italiani

In addition to the beautiful lakefront and the famous historic centre, Gardone Riviera is known for unique attractions like Vittoriale degli Italiani, Fondazione Divino Infante Museum and André Heller Botanical Garden.

7) Tignale

Another Orange Flag on Lake Garda, Tignale welcomes you for a relaxing time on the lake or a relaxing stroll in the town centre.

Tignale in inverno

From Santuario di Montecastello and the road that leads from the coast to the town you can enjoy breathtaking views of the lake.

8) Tremosine

Tremosine is also rightfully among the villages to visit in the winter in the province of Brescia. How can one fail to be impressed by the charm of the ancient Strada della Forra – the eighth wonder of the world according to Winston Churchill – the lively alleys, and the spectacular view from Terrazza del Brivido perched on a rock at a height of 350 metres, one of the most famous viewpoints of Lake Garda?Tremosine sul Garda - Terrazza del Brivido

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9) Bagolino, the town of nativity scenes

We bid farewell to Lake Garda and set off for Lake Idro, an enchanting stretch of water nestled in the Brescian Pre-Alps that still retains its wild spirit.

Along the road up to Maniva we find Bagolino, a magnificent medieval town which keeps its traditions alive. These include Bagolino Borgo dei Presepi, a highly anticipated event in which the streets of the small town showcase more than a hundred nativity scenes

Bagolino Borgo dei Presepi

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10) Pezzaze and the mining tradition

After crossing Maniva Pass, we descend along Trompia Valley to the ancient village of Pezzaze, characterised by mountain scenery and important historic elements.

The small municipality preserves traces of the valley’s mining tradition, which can be admired in Orma Museum and by touring Marzoli Mine.


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11) Franciacorta towns

A land of gastronomic excellence and opportunities for relaxation, Franciacorta is a small world worthy of exploring. Castles, abbeys, wineries, ancient churches and medieval villages alternate with rolling hills dotted with vineyards for endless surprises in typical winter colors.

Franciacorta in inverno - ©ConsorzioFranciacorta

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12) Padernello between history and nature

There are many points of interest in Brescia’s plain, starting with Padernello Castle that has stood majestically in the countryside for centuries. A place that holds mysteries and curiosities, surrounded by the moat.

Also in Padernello, a visit to San Vigilio Bridge, a work of artist Mauri, is recommended for an itinerary suspended in time.

13) Verolanuova and the art of Tiepolo

Our tour concludes with a stop in Verolanuova, whose San Lorenzo Minor Roman Basilica preserves two canvases by Giovan Battista Tiepolo, among the greatest 18th-century Venetian art painters.

Basilica romana di San Lorenzo, Verolanuova

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