From Trompia Valley to Hollywood. Oscar-worthy arms!


DAVIDE PEDERSOLI & C. – Replicas of ancient arms

Davide Pedersoli & C.
Via Artigiani, 57
25063 - Gardone Val Trompia (BS)
Tutto l'anno.
Su prenotazione con preavviso di 48 h
Min 4-Min 10
Italiano, inglese, francese.
€ 10 a persona

A journey through history between replicas and engravings.

The experience

The rifle shouldered by Di Caprio in “The Revenant” was made by Pedersoli. The actor received an Oscar for this film. The same rifle can be admired during a visit to the prestigious “Davide Pedersoli & C.” collection, a not-to-miss destination for those interested in battle reenactments, military history, collectors, hunters, and adventure lovers.
Since 1957, Pedersoli has recreated history by designing and producing high-quality models, known all over the world for their attention to detail and faithfulness.
The visit will lead you through a manufacturing company operating with the precision of a Swiss clock. The manual work and the art of the master engravers, whose skilled hands prepare and embellish replica weapons used in historic events or for sports, are highly-sought after competences. Indeed, a very selective vocational school was founded in the valley to offer training to future engravers. The results of so much work are masterpieces of weaponry in terms of technique and artistic beauty, revealed by patterns of light painted directly on the metal.
The visit to the show room and the possibility to hold the protagonists of historic battles and take a Di Caprio-style selfie are worth the trip. But the real highlight of the visit will be seeing the ability of the master engravers. Your knowledgeable guide will stimulate your curiosity, surprise your eyes and heart, and bring you back to the dawning of an ancient art which is still very much alive today.

Aimed at

Those who are passionate about historic battle reenactments, hunters, and sports lovers in general.
Engravers and precision art experts. Those who love beauty and who want to be surprised and learn about a world which defies stereotypes.

What to bring


What you bring home

A discovery: even the most skeptical people will enjoy this unusual take on the little known world of ancient arms replicas and engraving.
A finger exploring the grooves of these fascinating works of art.
A selfie to boast about!

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