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The town of Salò, located in the splendid namesake gulf on Lake Garda, has a long history and was the site of many important events: regional capital during Magnifica Patria in the 14th century, birth place of Gasparo da Salò (1542-1609), seat of the Republic of Salò (1943-1945) founded by Benito Mussolini, today Salò is one of the most elegant and appreciated tourist destinations on Lake Garda.

Favoured by its geographic position close to the city of Brescia and the main transportation routes, Salò never stopped thriving and continuing to improve its best-in-class tourist offering. Proof of this is the beautiful lakefront promenade, which was extended in the past few years and is today one of the longest on Lake Garda. 

To preserve the memory of the history and culture of the town and educate the thousands of tourists visiting the area every year about Salò’s identity, in 2015 MuSa came to life.

MuSa, a testament to the identity of Salò

MuSa is hosted in the former church of St. Giustina, a complex built in the 16th century. It is close to Lungolago Zanardelli lakefront and was recently restored by the Municipal administration.

MuSa di Salò

The museum has permanent artistic collections which narrate the beauty of the Salò area, some crucial moments in its history, and its most famous citizens. There are rooms dedicated to the Serenissima domination (1426-1797), Gasparo da Salò and Brescia’s violin-making tradition, and 17th and 18h-century art.   Multimedia materials make the visit more engaging.

The permanent scientific collections are noteworthy, in particular the ancient instruments from Pio Bettoni weather and seismic observatory in Salò.

Inside the museum there is a space for temporary exhibitions and seminars. The structure also hosts Nastro Azzurro Historic Museum, an institution which gathers decorated members of the military. 

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