The coastal route between Pisogne and Paratico

In Pisogne, the Oglio River flows into Lake Iseo. This bike itinerary follows the eastern side of the river starting at the edge of the town, where its waters enter the lake. The start of the route, called Ciclovia del Fiume Oglio, is located between the lake and the edge of the medieval town of Pisogne. There, you can observe numerous historical buildings and towers near the square called Piazza Vescovo Corna Pellegrini, as well as the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta. From the town, you ride south and after passing the district of Govine, which houses the ruins of a smelting furnace and an iron wheel, you get to Toline, a small village located between Valle di San Bartolomeo to the north and Valle dell’Acqua to the south. Immediately after the inhabited area, you turn right onto the old coastal road: in a fascinating setting of vertical cliffs jutting from the flat surface of the lake you reach Vello di Marone with the small Chiesa dei Morti (Church of the Dead) a short distance from the town.

The village of Marone is not far: you get there via a short stretch in a tunnel and then you ride along the lakefront passing in front of the parish church of San Martino. The quiet pace of the ride, always in view of Monte Isola, leads from Marone to Sale Marasino, with the sacred area of the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta and San Zenone, and then to Sulzano passing near the town hall.

After Pilzone and Covelo with the large rocky Büs del Quai cave, the bicycle path reaches Iseo and crosses the town centre along the lake. There are many reasons which call for a stop in Iseo, including visiting its historical centre with its defensive structures, the sacred area of the parish church of Sant’Andrea, Oldofredi Castle, and more.

It is time to continue towards the northernmost area of the Torbiere (Peat Bogs) Reserve and from there to Clusane and Paratico, where the lake ends and the Oglio River restarts flowing towards the plain.


Point of departure: Pisogne, altitude 190m

Point of arrival: Paratico, altitude 190m

Closest railway station: Pisogne (

Length: 30 km

Difference in height: –

Type of bicycle required: city bike, road bike

Difficulty: EASY