15 Instagram-worthy places on Lake Iseo

A corner of paradise and bridge between the provinces of Brescia and Bergamo, with breathtaking landscapes and old towns ready to be discovered. A unique, charming coastal road, perfect for romantic walks and bicycle touring experiences. World renowned attractions like Monte Isola, the largest lake island in Europe and one of the Most Beautiful Small Towns in Italy, as well as an unparalleled culinary tradition.

We are talking about  Lake Iseo, a natural, relaxing getaway just steps from Franciacorta. It’s a land full of attractions and fun opportunities for the whole family.

Start your visit right away: here are the 15 most Instagram-worthy places on Lake Iseo!

1) Torbiere del Sebino Reserve, between Franciacorta and Lake Iseo

With its incredible colours and wide variety of protected flora and fauna, Torbiere del Sebino Peat Bog Nature Reserve is a magic place, ideal for birdwatchers. This observation point is also the place to go to admire unforgettable sunsets.


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2) Franciacorta Festival

A wine-tourism event which opens the doors of the most beautiful wineries in Franciacorta. The three-day event features music, walks, and tastings accompanied by a glass of prestigious Franciacorta DOCG. This is the perfect opportunity to relax among the hills sipping excellent wine with family and friends.


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3) Village of Sulzano

Opposite Monte Isola, today the village of Sulzano is one of the most visited on Lake Iseo. After a refreshing stop in one of its many bars and restaurants, you are ready to board the ferry for Peschiera Maraglio!


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4) Peschiera Maraglio

This enchanting old fishermen village on Monte Isola still preserves its original atmosphere. Evocative alleys,vaults, and small roads will create everlasting memories to share with your companion or the family.


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5) The unparalleled view from Colmi di Sulzano

Go back to the mainland and drive up to Colmi di Sulzano, at the beginning of the village. From there, you will enjoy an incredible view at any time of the day. What do you think, is it worth it?

6) Getting lost among the vine rows in Franciacorta in the most beautiful time of the year for the vineyard: springtime

After the cold winter, spring brings back wine hiking opportunities in the vineyards. An experience which will re-energise the mind and the body surrounded by the simplicity of nature.


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7) Tour of the Berlucchi winery

Berlucchi opens the doors of its wine production farm to visitors who can select between a wide variety of events. You will be welcomed inside the elegant mansion and guided to the heart of the Franciacorta wine production: the historic wine cellar. You will be accompanied by an expert sommelier who will explain the best secrets of wine production.


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8) Horseback riding along the vineyards and roads of Franciacorta

Experience horseback riding in the most beautiful vineyards in Franciacorta! A one-of-a-kind emotion for adults and children and a way to explore this area from a different perspective.

9) Village of Clusane

We recommend a visit to Clusane d’Iseo for two reasons: its enchanting old town and some nice stuffed tench, the local signature dish which is celebrated with a dedicated summer festival. After having enjoyed this delicacy, have a relaxing walk along the charming waterfront!

10) A walk along beautiful Paratico lakefront

From Clusane, drive a few minutes to reach Paratico. It’s the last municipality in Brescia, bordering with Sarnico on the Bergamo side of the lake.  The recently redeveloped lakefront is a walk not to miss. Several bars and restaurants make this village a popular night spot. 


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11) Vello-Toline bike path

This old coastal road connecting the two villages overlooking the lake has been transformed into a walk and bike path. It’s a wonderful 5 km path bordering the blue waters of the lake, with incredible bays and small beaches. There is even an equipped pier for windsurfers.


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12) An exciting boat tour of the lake

How can you miss the opportunity to tour Lake Iseo on a boat? This unforgettable experience will provide unusual views and picture-perfect opportunities. What are you waiting for? Learn about all the opportunities to experience Lake Iseo at its best!


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13) Hiking on Corna Trentapassi and panoramic view perched over the lake

Do you like to hike? Then the ascent to Corna Trentapassi from the village of Zone is right down your alley! Your effort will be absolutely worth it when you reach the outstanding panoramic spot. Judge for yourself!

14) Zone Pyramids and view of the lake

Return to the village of Zone, in the place called Cislano. From there, take the trail that leads you to Zone Pyramids Natural Reserve; after a short walk, you will admire this unbelievable erosion phenomenon. This natural marvel is absolutely worthy of a visit. From there, you can also admire the lake and its coasts.


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15) Beautiful Pisogne

One of the most important summer spots in upper Lake Iseo, Pisogne features a small town centre and an incredible lakefront area. Torre del Vescovo (Bishop’s Tower) deserves a special mention. Overlooking the main square, it is periodically open to visitors.


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