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Clusane d'Iseo

Every year, in July, Clusane d’Iseo hosts the Baked Tench Week, an event not to miss if you want to taste one of the typical dishes of Lake Iseo.

Baked Tench Week: a colourful and flavourful festival in Clusane d’Iseo

Summertime in Clusane d’Iseo means Baked Tench Week, a local dish of which Clusane and its inhabitants are particularly proud. Like every year, this important food&wine event attracts thousands of tourists who recognize that Lake Iseo offers the ideal balance between relaxation and gourmet experience.

Tench-themed menu and entertainment by the lake

The event involves the whole town: the best restaurants feature the same prix-fixe menu which includes baked tench with polenta, dessert, coffee, water, and wine.

Visitors of all ages find themselves in a festive atmosphere thanks to shows, live music and dance along the Clusane lakefront. The highlight of the week is the Sunday night fireworks show, a charming display of fireworks which create colourful reflections on the lake waters.

Baked tench, an ancient tradition

Tench is a common fish in Lake Iseo. Because its meat is extremely appreciated, today it is also a farm-raised fish species.

The traditional recipe for baked tench calls for the tench to be cut and stuffed with a dry stuffing made of cheese, bread, salt, and parsley. Once stuffed, the fish has to be baked in the oven for about 2 hours with a small amount of olive oil and laurel leaves. A tasty, steamy polenta is the common side for this dish.

For more information and to see the detailed programme of the Baked Tench Week, visit the website

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