A ceramist workshop


Pamela Venturi - Off-Art Ceramica

Contrada del Carmine 5a - Brescia

January – July
Monday morning
7 day notice.
1,5 hours
Min 2 - Max 4
English, French
20 adults € 10 children 14 and under

The art of lathe and of shaping clay

Ceramista bresciana Off Art Pamela Venturi

The experience

Pamela and Leandro’s workshop is a rainbow of colours. There are familiar shapes and objects, but each has a special tweak. They might be similar to each other, but they are never exactly the same. This is the differentiating point that creativity and hand-made crafts bring. It’s the originality of an artist-craftsman who works with passion and creates unique pieces that will capture your heart. Pamela started as a sculptor, but destiny took her hand and made her become a passionate, enthusiastic ceramist. Clay, lathe, and a rich fantasy accompany her every day. She has fun. Under her expert guidance, we want to have fun, too.
We will work the clay only with our hands together with Pamela and Leandro; after we make the shape we want, it will be finished at the lathe. Everyone will have their piece of clay to measure our ability as beginner ceramists. Do you remember the unforgettable film “Ghost”, with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze? It adds a note of romanticism to the experience. What’s important is to be willing to learn, not be afraid of getting dirty, and setting your fantasy free.
It will be a nice challenge and you will be the proud owner of a unique object crafted by you.

Aimed at

Adults, families, and children. People who are passionate about ceramics and hand-made objects.

What to bring

Comfortable clothing

What you bring home

The knowledge of this technique and the passion of the artist who will teach it to you.
A cube of enameled ceramics – made in Carmine – That you can use as paperweight.

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