Around Monte Pagano between Monno and Vezza d’oglio

The right hydrographic side of upper Valle Camonica offers a gratifying itinerary, which requires good training due to the difference in height.

It starts from the state road to Passo del Tonale at the fork with the road for Monno, at the beginning of which there is a small parking lot. The climb which leads to the village is at first characterized by fairly steep slopes, becomes easier for one kilometre and a half, and then become challenging again when you follow the winding path into the wood. The stretch which goes from the church of San Giacomo almost to Passo del Mortirolo is the most demanding part of the trail. Near the hotel by the pass, turn right towards Pianaccio and Malga Andrina cowshed: the road is still paved with asphalt and presents markedly gentler slopes. After passing through a larch forest and Valle Varadega, it continues among the vast pastures in the area of low Malga Salina. North of this cowshed lie a portion of the Stelvio National Park and an area full of opportunities for winter activities such as snowshoeing and ski mountaineering. Just past the cowshed, the climb ends. You are in the part of the road which runs between the lowest reaches of Monte Seroti in the north and Monte Pianaccio on the opposite side, on which there are artefacts and trenches dating back to the First World War.

The long descent which follows must be approached with caution. From Pianaccio, the road turns sharply right heading south and after a few hairpin turns it continues to the left towards Cormignano, a small village in the municipality of Vezza d’Oglio from which you can enjoy a beautiful panorama. A little further down you reach the village of Grano, then the fork with the road for Val Grande, where you turn right again and go downhill. The fork with the state road is just a short distance away: continuing right on the state road you pass the villages of Davena and Incudine, just beyond which this circular itinerary closes.


Point of departure and arrival: Monno – Monno

Length: 33 km

Difference in height: 1270 m

Type of bicycle required: mountain bike

Difficulty: EASY