Brescia Photo Festival. Collections


From 15 May to 2 September 2018

The new edition of Brescia Photo Festival brings excitement back to Brescia. Supported by Fondazione Brescia Musei and Ma.Co.f – Italian Photography Centre, this festival aims at showcasing photography collections through a series of exhibitions and events.

Photography collections at the heart of Brescia Photo Festival

The festival is centered on a very specific theme: collections and collectors.

Two main exhibitions will be held in Santa Giulia Museum. These are “Ferdinando Scianna. Cose (Things)” and “Percorsi paralleli. (Parallel journeys) Mario Trevisan’s Collection”. Among the side exhibitions are “Tre Per Uno (Three times One)– from Paolo Clerici’s collection” held at the Ma.Co.f Italian Photography Centre, located inside Palazzo Martinengo Colleoni (MO.CA).
Brescia Photo Festival involves the whole city, from Spazio Contemporanea and Alba Area Gallery in Corsetto Sant’Agata to the National Photography Museum in Contrada del Carmine, stretching to Università Cattolica and LABA. LABA’s art students are also presenting an exhibition entirely curated by them.
The province of Brescia is also participating, with exhibitions in Desenzano del Garda, Montichiari, and the Franciacorta region.

Guided tours, lectures, seminars, and movies open to everyone

Parallel to the exhibitions, there will be a series of lectures open to all photography enthusiasts. Guided tours, seminars, and lectures with photographers and authors will be open to everyone, to enjoy the beauty of these images explained by exceptional guests. Of special importance is the associated film festival Brescia Photo Festival. At the movie theatre, a special collaboration with Cinema Nuovo Eden. There will be four photography-themed movies of great quality.
It will be a celebration of exhibitions, arts and culture with themed images which will enrich this modern, international festival. Read the full programme of Brescia Photo Festival.

Brescia Photo Festival 2018 Collections

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