Franciacorta Summer Festival

Franciacorta Summer Festival



From 1 to 24 June 2018

Franciacorta Summer Festival: enjoy a great festival immersed in nature, vineyards and prestigious wines

Franciacorta Summer Festival: Villa Fassati Barba di Passirano
Do you love Franciacorta, excellent wine, and gastronomic delicacies? Experience Franciacorta to the fullest with the exciting events of Franciacorta Summer Festival!

An event-packed June in Franciacorta

In June, Franciacorta opens its doors to the public with Franciacorta Summer Festival. The long-awaited for festival involves all villages in the area: you will enjoy exhibitions, guided tours, evocative concerts in renowned wineries, sports events, picnics, and outdoor activities. The fil rouge of the festival is the inebriating taste of local wine and delicious cuisine.

Franciacorta Summer Festival – 2018 Edition

The 2018 edition of Franciacorta Summer Festival starts on June 1 and continues every weekend of the month. Taste will be the theme of the June 1-3 long weekend with several food-related activities including special openings of wineries and distilleries.

The weekend will culminate in the big Sunday event at Villa Fassati Barba in Passirano, an 18th century villa where celebrity chefs will cook for the public. The public can stop at theme stations to sample various types of Franciacorta wines and find their preferred pairings. The programme also includes workshops, cooking demonstrations, and children activities.

On June 9-10 there will be sports and outdoor events like bike itineraries, walks, Vespa motorcycle rides, and vintage car rides with stops at some wineries. On June 16-17, the focus will be arts and culture. Special openings of fascinating sites, exhibitions, and guided tours will showcase the region’s artistic highlights. On the last weekend, June 23-24, famous musicians will perform in wineries and other charming settings.

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