Parking in Brescia

Brescia offers several parking facilities both in proximity to the city centre and in other areas of the city. Moreover, there are four free or reduced-fare park&ride facilities for those who use the light rail and buses.

Piazza Vittoria, Stazione FS, and Arnaldo Park are accessible with Telepass. The parking fare is charged on the device without needing to stop at the pay stations.

Parking facilities by Brescia’s city centre

Parking facilities are without any doubt the most convenient choice for those who need to reach Brescia’s city centre. Indeed, the area between Piazza Loggia-Piazza Paolo VI squares and Corso Zanardelli is a pedestrian and restricted access (ZTL) area, monitored through video surveillance.

These recommended parking options are a few minutes away by walking from the pedestrian area in the old centre:

  • Piazza Vittoria, Piazza della Vittoria (520 spots): it is the most central parking facility in the city.
  • Fossa Bagni, Piazza Fossa Bagni (560 spots);
  • Piazza Mercato, Piazza del Mercato(190 spots);
  • San Domenico, Piazza San Domenico (72 spots);
  • Benedetto Croce, Piazzetta Don L. Sturzo (72 spots);
  • Arnaldo Park, Piazzale Arnaldo (263 spots + 30 garages);
  • Autosilo 1, Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 3 (340 spots).

Alternatively, it is possible to use street parking (free and paid parking), park at the Castle (free), and by Parcheggio Goito (Via Spalto S. Marco, 8, 215 spots, paid).

Fares range from € 1 / h (Arnaldo Park) to € 3 / h (Piazza Vittoria). Residents receive a Park City Card, which gives them a 50% discount on the hourly rate. For further details, read the “tariffe” (fares) section on the website Brescia Mobilità.

Parking in Brescia in other parts of the city

The most important parking facilities in the city include:

  • Randaccio, Via Lupi di Toscana, 4 (180 spots);
  • Ospedale Nord, Piazza San Padre Pio da Pietralcina, 1 (1410 spots);
  • Ospedale Sud, Via Ducco, angolo via dal Monte, 44 (500 spots);
  • Freccia Rossa, Viale Italia, 31 (2,500 spots);
  • Stazione, Viale Stazione, 51 (1,000 spots);
  • Castellini, Via Castellini, angolo via Mantova (230 spots, free);
  • Palagiustizia, Via Gambara, 44 (570 spots):
  • Crystal Via Aldo Moro, 17 (450 spots).

Park&Ride locations – car, light rail, bus

There are four Park&Ride parking facilities, free or at reduced fare for those who park their car to use the light rail or bus:

  • North: Prealpino, by the light rail stop (410 spots);
  • North: Casazza, Via Triumplina 181/02 (behind the Futura building) (160 spots);
  • East: S.Eufemia-Buffalora, Via Agostino Chiappa (in front of the light rail terminal) (395 spots);
  • South-East: Poliambulanza, by the light rail stop (270 spots).

For the complete list of parking options in Brescia and their terms of use, visit the dedicated page on the website of Brescia Mobilità.