Padernello Earth Markets


Castello di Padernello

Via Cavour 1 Padernello • Padernello

Padernello Earth Markets: enjoy traditional flavors in a 15th century castle

Padernello Earth Markets are held each third Sunday of the month, from 9.30am to 6.30pm, in the Padernello Castle.

This is a very unique market which promotes ‘local good, clean, and fair’ food. Indeed, the produce displayed and sold at the Earth Markets can only come from within km 40 from the market location and have to satisfy specific quality standards, set forth with the aim of promoting local production and preserve the history, roots, and culinary tradition of the local community.

Padernello Earth Markets are an opportunity to meet true food ‘artisans’: the producers from the Brescia Plain and surrounding areas. In particular, in 2017 Brescia producers created a stronger partnership with producers and Slow Food associations in Cremona, Bergamo, and Mantua, thanks to which they obtained the prestigious European Region of Gastronomy award in 2017.

Earth Markets are a true culinary itinerary among cheese, cured meats, honey, vegetables, flour, jams, oil, wine, bread, biscotti, casoncelli homemade pasta, pasta, and beer. All are authentic, healthy local products.

Castello di Padernello

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