Mille Miglia Museum

Viale della Bornata, 123 - Brescia

Mille Miglia Museum is set in a splendid former Benedictine monastery in the area of Sant’Eufemia, east of the city centre. This museum is not appealing only to those who love vintage cars and the famous Mille Miglia race, but also to visitors and families who will find themselves in a long-gone age, preserved here with utmost attention to detail.  

Mille Miglia Museum: vintage cars and a splendid museum display

Mille Miglia Museum was opened in 2004 and showcases vintage cars in a perfectly organised, easy to navigate exhibition display.

From the minute you enter, you will experience the atmosphere of the past decades thanks to the audio-guide tablet that each visitor receives, which explains the various sections of the museum with narrations and videos. The visit continues in the vintage car gallery with invaluable pieces: cars built between 1927 and the 60s, a section dedicated to contemporary Mille Miglia races, and a plethora of photographs, posters, road signs, and even petrol pumps.

Mille Miglia Museum never stops to amaze: the vintage cars are cyclically replaced so they can participate to various events, including the famous Mille Miglia race, which starts right here in Brescia.

The museum is managed by Associazione Museo della Mille Miglia Città di Brescia. In addition to the exhibit, there are a historic archive about the race, now completely digital, a restaurant, the museum shop, and meeting and conference rooms.

How to visit Mille Miglia Museum

Mille Miglia Museum is in viale Bornata, 123, Brescia. Further information on the official website!

If you are passing by Brescia, don’t miss Mille Miglia Museum. The story of a mythical race and a precious collection await you and your family.


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