Brescia, Teatro Grande

Teatro Grande

Corso Zanardelli 9/a - Brescia

A 300-year long history. This is Brescia’s Teatro Grande, located in the heart of the old centre where the first public theatre of the city was opened in 1664.

Listed as one of the most important Italian theatres and recognised as national monument in 1912, Teatro Grande has a rich season, with performances ranging from opera and ballet to concerts, dance, cultural initiatives, and children programmes.

Teatro Grande’s music and educational activities

There are many great events at Teatro Grande which combine music and culture. They attract tens of thousands of people every year.

Brescia, Teatro Grande

In addition to the rich season featuring opera, ballet, dance, and concerts organised by Fondazione Teatro Grande, let’s not forget the International Piano Festival  with directors,soloists, and orchestras among the most renowned in the world. Also, Opera Festival, one of the most awaited for events, from dawn to midnight transforms the whole city into a huge stage where the most famous opera pieces are performed.

Other appreciated initiatives are Pazzi per l’Opera (Crazy for Opera), a series of meetings where opera lovers meet the public to discuss the operas in the programme, and childhood programmes such as “Il Grande per i piccoli” with workshops, installations, and performances dedicated to children and their families.

For the full programme, visit the official website of Teatro Grande.

Grand Tour among the treasures of Grande

Every summer, Teatro Grande opens its doors for Grand Tour, an exciting series of guided tours to discover the treasures of this one-of-a-kind place.

Visite guidate al Teatro Grande

A not-to-miss experience where you can admire the most beautiful rooms of the theatre, from the boxes to Sala Grande, from the recently restored Ridotto (foyer) to Sala della Deputazione and learn about anecdotes and stories narrated by the protagonists themselves.

The visit to the stage and the back of the stage is very impactful. Technicians and experts will explain how stage machinery works.

How to reach Teatro Grande

Centrally located inside the shopping district of Brescia, Teatro Grande is served by several bus routes (Via Mazzini and Via San Martino della Battaglia stops) as well as the light rail (Vittoria stop). For those who travel by car, there is ample parking in the underground parking of Piazza Vittoria.


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