Santa Maria in Solario, Museo di Santa Giulia

Santa Giulia Museum

Santa Giulia Museum is one of the main tourist and cultural attractions of Brescia. Also known as “City Museum”, its important historic displays and fascinating location make it a unique site. It’s an exceptional example of former monastery turned into a museum. It hosts incredible collections from Prehistory to the present day and temporary exhibitions of international relevance.

Together with the Capitolium archaeological area and the San Salvatore monastery complex, Santa Giulia Museum is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Santa Giulia Museum: from Desiderius Cross to the Winged Victory, symbol of the city

La Croce di Desiderio, Santa Maria in Solario - Museo di Santa Giulia di Brescia

Start your visit of Santa Giulia Museum from the ground floor, where the city’s past is immediately revealed thanks to the artifacts and objects on display which explain the religious, architectural, and artistic history of the buildings. On the upper floor, you can admire the beautiful Church of Santa Maria in Solario, which contains a display case with the Cross of King Desiderius, a 9th-century A.D. artistic cross and still today one of the most important known jewelery works.

Continuing on, you admire other invaluable testimonies of Brescia’s illustrious past: Domus dell’Ortaglia Roman villas, San Salvatore Basilica, Coro delle Monache nuns’ choir, and the Winged Victory. Stroll by old Roman houses, medieval cloisters, and over 11,000 works of art. A fascinating journey bringing you back to “Brixia” as it was 2,300 years ago.

Visit Santa Giulia Museum

Santa Giulia Museum is located in Via Musei 81/b, in the old city centre. This is a controlled access zone (ZTL): you can park your car at Parcheggio Arnaldo and continue on foot. Alternatively, you can take the light rail to reach the city (Vittoria station).

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday with no midday closure. Full-price tickets are € 10. Combination tickets are available with the Archaeologic Park and other city museums. For more information, visit the official website of Brescia Musei.