15 Instagram-worthy things on Lake Idro and Sabbia Valley

Along the road which brings you to Madonna di Campiglio from Brescia, you find Lake Idro, whose pristine landscapes and authentic charm make it a true gem. Ideal destination for those who want to connect with nature, Lake Idro and Sabbia Valley offer many ideas for fun and relaxation: hiking, skiing, and visiting medieval villages. Surprising and regenerating experiences to enjoy in full, surrounded by stunning panoramic views.  What are you waiting for? Unleash your passion for photography and find the 15 best Instagram-worthy places on Lake Idro and Sabbia Valley!

1) Sentiero dei “Morti” – Ponte Caffaro 

Old trail, recently brought back to its old charm, the “Trail of the Dead” offers an incredible view of Lake Idro. It can be easily accessed from the cemetery of Ponte Caffaro. It is a non-challenging, suitable for everyone experience. 

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2) Rocca d’Anfo

Fortified military complex built in the 15th century, Rocca d’Anfo is a magnificent, fascinating construction. This unique building is the largest Napoleonic fortification in Italy. Located in the municipality of Anfo, it covers over 50 hectares stretching from the lake to the foot of Mount Celso. Modified and expanded several times, after years of restoration and securing work  it is now accessible to the public.

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3) “Idroland” beach

The largest beach on Lake Idro can be reached through the village of Baitoni. It’s a popular spot for many outdoor sports such as paragliding, canoeing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing. It is also connected to the bike trail coming from Giudicarie valleys. During the winter, you can’t miss the view of the sunset, when warm, dry winds turn the area into a colourful painting.

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4) Parco delle Fucine vie Ferrate di Casto

A splendid valley carved by streams and waterfalls and with dramatic cliffs, Tibetan bridges, climbing walls, interactive paths, zip lines, several hiking trails, and mountain bike tracks for children and adults. Parco delle Fucine (Forge Park) is on the road which connects Casto to Alone.

5) Town of Bagolino

Medieval town with a rich history and place where the namesake carnival has taken place since 1518, Bagolino is also known for the production of the famous Bagòss cheese. The imposing San Giorgio parish church, third largest church in the province of Brescia, dominates the town.

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6) Panoramic spot between Idro and Treviso Brescianoo

Along the road which connects the hamlet of Lemprato (Idro) to Treviso Bresciano, it is impossible not to stop to take a full picture of Lake Idro. A truly breathtaking panoramic spot!

7) Mount Censo Cross

Mount Censo has an easy-to-reach, very panoramic summit. It dominates Lake Idro and offers views that will surprise you. The excursion is easy and the view makes the effort worth it. A tip: remember to bring plenty of water.

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8) Mount Bruffione

Mount Bruffione (2,665m) is a rocky mountain range east of Gaver plateau. Its rather open structure makes it an easy destination for hikers, offering alternative trails and grandiose views.

9) Village of Vesta

Vesta is part of the municipality of Idro and can be reached in about 10 minutes from the hamlet of Crone. Famous for its white beach and clear waters, it is the departure point of many trails (the most famous one is Contrabbandieri – smugglers) and the best via ferratas (Ferrata Sasse directly on the lake, suitable for families). A special mention goes to the rock climbing wall, very famous and with a natural panoramic terrace set in a beautiful landscape.

10) Monte Stino

With its wealth of itineraries, Mount Stino is ideal for excursions at all levels. There is more: you can also practice Nordic walking, biking, motorbiking, quad, mountain biking, paragliding, and cross-country skiing (with a certified 5 km circuit). Let’s not forget the World War I trenches and tunnels with a stunning view of Lake Idro.

Mount Stino can be reached by car from Capovalle. The beautiful, yet challenging ascent to the hamlet of Parole features a change in altitude of 1,000 m along the trail departing from the lake.

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11) Maniva

Maniva is a large area with a series of summits, passes, small lakes, mountain cow sheds, and villages surrounding Mount Maniva. It is accessible in many ways: from Bagolino, Collio, Anfo via Baremone Pass (closed in the winter months, beautiful in the summer) and Crocedomini Pass (Breno). In the winter, ManivaSKI ski area offers all that’s needed for a perfect holiday in the snow.

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12) Cima Rest barns – Valvestino

Among the gems of Valvestino, a short distance from Lake Idro, are Cima Rest barns, rural dwellings scattered across the plateau at an approximate altitude of 1,300 m, in the proximity of Magasa. Historians date this type of construction to the 7th century and attribute it to the Goths or Lombards. The area still has an archaic rural landscape characterised by thatched roof barns made with rye hay at the foot of tall rock spikes.

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13) Gaver Plateau

In Caffaro upper valley and reachable by Bagolino (or Breno), Gaver is a to-go place for those who are escaping the summer heat or for cross-country ski in the winter. There are countless trails as well as mountain huts, but you will still fell completely surrounded by nature. Do not forget to check out the trail that leads to Lago della Vacca lake (2,358 m).

14) The lake “icons”

Picturesque elements which will bring a smile to your face and will be the backdrop of countless souvenir photos. It’s the “customised” benches in Lemprato di Idro (From Idro with Love) and along Anfo lakefront (Home is where your heart is). Obviously, Lake Idro in the background makes everything even more evocative. The old water level measuring device is also a popular photo opportunity. It’s between Pieve Vecchia and Tre Capitelli.

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15) Sabbio Chiese Castle

In the heart of the village of Sabbio Chiese stands beautiful Madonna della Rocca shrine, built on a dolomitic rock some dozen metres over the bed of Vrenda stream. Built between the 9th and 10th centuries, it is particularly fascinating at night.

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Special mention: Municipality of Bondone (Trento)

Recently admitted into the prestigious group of the Most Beautiful Small Towns in Italy, the village of Bondone stands on a small plateau at mid-altitude (720 m above sea level). The Castle of San Giovanni is very charming. Built on an isolated rock spike, it dominates Lake Idro. The excursion to Mount Tombea is beautiful, not just for the splendid views but also for the historic remains of the Great War and rare flower species. The Municipality of Bondone also obtained the Blue Flag 2018 for Porto Carnarelle di Baitoni beach.