Einkorn wheat casoncellis with wild herbs


Cooperativa sociale L’Antica Terra

Palazzo Cigola Martinoni
Via Roma - Cigole (BS)
All year round excluding August.
Every day from 2pm to 7pm
Book 3 days in advance (contact person: Elisa)
2,5 hours
Min 4 - max 10
Italian (English and German upon request)
€ 20 per person

Ancient grains and tradition to showcase the land

The experience

The mission of Cooperativa L’Antica Terra is clear: preserve biodiversity and local traditions. Also, instill a love for farming which is first of all a life choice.
Einkorn wheat ears are visible throughout Brescia’s plain. This is an ancient grain which already existed in the Bronze Age. Fruit trees are grown to produce jams. These are high-quality materials from which equally high-quality food is produced. The selection and harvesting of wild herbs is the distinctive feature of this farm and a reason to be proud of for Elisa, a holistic professional specialized in natural cuisine and botany.
Under her guidance, we will put our finger in the “dough” to prepare the famous casoncello (traditional local ravioli). In this workshop we will learn to make home-made einkorn wheat pasta filled with wild herbs and grana padano cheese. We will make it, and we will eat it! We will enjoy our casoncellis with craft beer produced with einkorn wheat. We will also learn about other Antica Terra tidbits like vegan biscottis, herbal teas, sauces, ancient grain pasta, and flour. It will be a “natural” feast.

Aimed at

Adults and children who are passionate about cooking and healthy food. Vegetarians and vegans.
Those interested in learning about earth and what grows on it.

What to bring


What you bring home

The casoncelli recipe (theory and practice). The taste and history of natural products.
The knowledge of a lifestyle centred on biodiversity and the future of our planet.

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