From the vine to the glass


Tenuta la Vigna farm winery

Cascina La Vigna- Parco del Montenetto
Capriano del Colle (BS)
All year round with a week’s notice
Pre-booked tasting and cellar tour Mon-Sat
Open cellar:
Last Sunday of May every year
St Martin’s Sunday (Sunday closest to November 11)

Cantine aperte:
Domenica ultima settimana di Maggio di ogni anno
Domenica di San Martino a Novembre di ogni anno
2,5 hours
Min 2 - Max 10
Italian, English and French
€ 21 per person

Discover the secrets of four generations amid the vineyards of Montenetto

The experience

Over the last few decades, Tenuta la Vigna farm winery, managed by Anna Botti, has been modernised to just the right degree both in the vineyards and the cellars, with high-density planting and the latest equipment. In terms of philosophy, the company still respects the values of generations gone by, tending to the terroir with dedication and respect. However, they are also firmly focused on building an innovative and sustainable future, for example by investing in solar energy systems, energy efficiency, biodiversity and a fully integrated approach to crop protection. These solutions and technologies enable Tenuta la Vigna to fully express the potential of a winegrowing region steeped in history and home to quality wines.

Tenuta la vigna will show you the winery and explain the different steps that wine-making involves. Weather permitting, there will be a walk in the vineyard, where everything starts. A tasting will follow, with 5 wines: 4 Capriano del Colle DOC (one of which is Rosso Riserva) and Metodo Classico Blanc de Blanc.

Great wine, food and company in one delightful experience.

Aimed at

Adults, families with children. Passionate about wine and family stories.
Wine tasting enthusiasts and those who want to learn more about our local wines, Capriano del Colle DOC and Tenuta la Vigna Metodo Classico.

What to bring

Comfortable shoes.

What you bring home

The experience of enjoying this fascinating land.
The wonderful stories behind Tenuta and the bouquet from the wine tasting.
A special gift from the wine cellar.

Further visits and experiences available starting from 13€.

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