A creative soul forging works of art


CARPENTERIA C.B. e F. – Dante Bonometti – Artista del ferro

Via Donatori di sangue, 55 Gussago Brescia
All year around. Saturday between 10am and 12pm
With 48 hour notice.
2 hrs
Max 3
€ 60 per person

Anvil and hammer: how iron comes to life

Opera in ferro della carpenteria Bonometti di Gussago

The experience

The works of Dante and his father Giuseppe seem alive. If, when you think of iron, you imagine something cold and static, the Bonometti workshop will immediately make you change your mind. Scenes of farmers harvesting grapes or pressing grapes in the vats, horses pulling carts carrying barrels, and majestic eagles flying in the immense skies. These are some of the numerous sculptures that animate the blacksmith’s house. It’s here that iron is forged. You need hammers, hot iron, assembly tools, and a welder. The hammer blows in unison with the experience and the passion of the master blacksmith, creating wonders.

It is difficult to be an active part of the action, but meeting Dante and Giuseppe is already a truly exciting, unique experience. They will guide us through the hidden secrets of the ancient art that they practice with remarkable competence and creativity. And we will try to give our shot at hitting the iron bar on the anvil, just to understand how much expertise and sensitivity their hands have.

Aimed at

Adults who love all art expressions and iron work. Those who are curious about trying a very impactful experience!

What to bring

Safety shoes, protective glasses, and gloves will be provided.

What you bring home

The warmth of iron which becomes sculpture and the wonder of an art than only a handful of experts can still master.

A small object crafted by the creativity and the kindness of the carpenters.

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