Dolce vita on Lake Iseo


Nautica Bellini

Boat storage, sale, and restoration of Riva boats

Restoration workshop and museum: Via del Campasso – 25040 Corte Franca (BS)
Shipyard: Via Carlo Lanza, 28 – 25049 Clusane d’Iseo (BS)
All year round for workshop and museum tour.
By reservation with 2-day notice. Contact: Martina Bellini
1 hour, morning or afternoon for workshop and museum tour
Min-Max not required for the visit to the workshop and the museum/collection. Contact the company for boat tour information.
Italian, English
€ 25 per person

Masterful restoring of timeless Riva boats

Bellini Nautica Cantieri Navali
The experience

Martina introduces the family heritage: their shipyard and boat storage on Lake Iseo. But the highlight of Nautica Bellini is certainly Riva boats: motorboats which, especially in the 1950s, were cruising the waters of famous resorts carrying international celebrities.
While a tour aboard one of these magnificent boats is a little luxury, everyone can learn and appreciate the way they are built. Made exclusively with mahogany, Riva boats can be seen and touched in the restoration workshops and the museum which displays the private collection of Romano Bellini, who has been passionate about these masterpiece boats since he was young.  He was also a friend of engineer Carlo Riva. The collection includes 22 boats, 3 of which are unique models.
Martina guides us through the facility, explaining the stages of restoration and showing the backstage where these works of art come to life. This is a true travel in time: the technical explanations about the boats alternate with curios and anecdotes of their history.
This is a luxury experience, accessible to everyone.

Upon reservation, from April to October, it is possible to book a lake tour on a Riva boat.

Aimed at

Adults passionate about boats and speed, who love antiques and vintage. Restoration experts and those who are curious about restoration and beauty in general.

What to bring


What you bring home

Romano’s incredible passion for Riva boats, the charm of a unique location on Lake Iseo, the incredible manual skills of the restorers, and the unparalleled beauty of Italian design which combines elegance, comfort, speed, and dreams!

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