Three generations of grappas in Franciacorta


Peroni Maddalena distillery

Via Alcide De Gasperi, 39 - Gussago (BS)
From Monday to Saturday.
48 hour notice

2 hrs
Min 2 - Max 12
Italian, English, and German (upon reservation)
€ 15 per person

Neither head nor tail: just heart
Prodotti della distilleria Peroni di Gussago

The experience

Three generations of wisdom and passion made Peroni grappas and distillates famous. Signora Maddalena and her husband Giuseppe are the forward-looking entrepreneurs who founded their namesake company in 1969. Since then, it has constantly grown and has obtained several prestigious awards and recognitions.
Fifty years ago, the couple were installing their first steam copper heater where every drop of the future grappa was squeezed in the shadow of a basement.
Today, Carlo, Paola, and Sandro, strong with the enthusiasm and hope of their parents, obtain distillates using the same traditional methods that give Peroni Maddalena grappa its characteristic notes.
The visit to the distillery will be accompanied by an unforgettable flavour. Here the pomace, precious raw material, is turned into distillate. We will also look at the barrels where the product ages and will take part in the bottling process.
We will hear the stories of great artisans and will have the honour to fill our own grappa bottle with customised label.
Finally, the showroom will feature a guided tasting accompanied by sbrisolona cake and chocolate!

Aimed at

Connoisseurs and adults who are passionate about distillates. Those who are curious about learning how grappa is produced and who like tastings.

What to bring


What you bring home

The nice story of a family who has distilled pomace for fifty years. A hearty grappa tasting. A bottle of distillate specifically selected, bottled, and customised.


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