The art of paper making


Toscolano Paper

Marco Castellini

Toscolano Paper
Via Valle delle Cartiere, 57/59
25088 Toscolano Maderno
All year round.
Friday afternoon (two sessions):
From 3pm to 5pm
From 5pm to 7pm
Other times available upon reservation (24hrs notice).
2 hours
Min 2- max 8
Italian, English
€ 39 per person

Ancient hand-made paper tradition in Toscolano Maderno

Toscolano 1381

The experience

Filippo fervently tells the history of his recently established company. After learning the secrets of the ancient art of hand-made paper, he is targeting a market of enthusiasts and experts.

Filippo, Marco and Valentina (paper-making master craftsmen), supported by the Ancient Paper-Makers from the area, have created a workshop which every day produces individual sheets of paper from pure or recycled plant fibers. You can immediately spot the elegance of this production, which you can try reproducing under the careful guidance of Marco and Valentina. This experience brings us back to the 1300s, when the whole valley and the villages of Toscolano and Maderno were spotted with paper mills that benefited from the mild climate – necessary for paper drying – and the abundance of water of the Toscolano creek. In the 16th century, the Serenissima Republic of Venice was the main customer of these paper makers.

We can be paper masters for a few hours, too, proud to have created the forefather of all communication tools: a sheet of paper. Fantastic!

Aimed at

Adults passionate about beauty and traditions who want to learn and experience the art of paper making. Creative people, artists, painters, high-end publishers. Families.

What to bring

The tools, apron and everything needed will be provided and is included in the price.

What you bring home

The enthusiasm and professionalism of young paper maker masters, the beauty and sophistication of the sheet of paper, paper made by hand by you – from framing to drying – with ink printing using an early 20th century moveable type printer.

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Paper Mill Valley with the Paper Museum (guided tours available). This visit is essential to fully understand the development of paper making through the centuries and the impact that paper production had (and still has in industrial manufacturing) on this region.


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