Nature in a bottle


Liquorificio Alta Valle Camonica

Matteo and Giovanni Tevini

Liquorificio Alta Valle Camonica
Via G. Marconi, 124
Edolo (BS)
All year round, by reservation with 24hrs notice
2 hours, morning or afternoon
Min 2- Max 20
Italian, English
€ 10 per person

Mountain spirits and traditional recipes

Liquorificio Alta Valle Camonica

The experience

This liquor making business has been passed down from father to son. For decades, expert wild plant gatherers have been producing natural distillates through cold infusion, following ancient recipes. The most representative products are Elixir Noreas and Genepy. These bottles hide the secrets of the different gathering areas and seasons, as well as maceration and distillation techniques. These are very natural liquors and Giovanni and Matteo are very proud of them.

The visit to their workshop is conducted by Matteo and makes you appreciate the craftsmanship needed in this business. In some times of the year, you will also observe and smell the macerating herbs. On some other occasions, you will see the plants from which the distillates are produced.

The shop welcomes you up with several sampling opportunities, from bitters to sweet liquors, including famous Bombardino which evokes frigid, snowy winter days and the need for a sweet, fragrant glass of a friendly liquor.

Aimed at

Adults who like craft liquors

What to bring


What you bring home

Knowledge of natural liquor production techniques. Comprehensive tasting of mountain spirits. One cl20 bottle of traditional liquor.

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