A route of local flavours and wines from lake Garda

via porto vecchio - Desenzano del Garda

A holiday of wine and food tasting is well catered for at Lake Garda. The city is not far away: in just twenty minutes you can reach the most important lake in Europe. From the clear and waters which are teeming with sh, this varie- gated area starts from the hills south of Desenzano and Sirmione and ends with the steep rocks and breath-taking landscapes of the Parco dell’ Alto Garda, as far as Li- monesul Garda. Here the route of avours and wines from Lake Garda guides tourists from all over the world, indicat- ing lists of wine cellars, farm villages, restaurants, cooking classes and accommodation facilities.

The cuisine, products and wines are all local: the wines and sh are speci c to the region and the Lake, and the typical dishes are traditional yet creative, original and modern at the same time.

Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori del Garda
Via Porto Vecchio n. 34 – 25015
Desenzano del Garda
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